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Education and Workshop Facilitation


Popular literature and multi media workshop facilitator, Poet In Education, Mentor and Life Coach. Has worked at events and schools in Chicago and across London for Apples And Snakes, Kids Company, Malika’s Kitchen writers’ collective, Sicklenemia community organisation, London Borough of Lewisham, Lewisham Libraries and North Downham After School Project.
Also a Freelance Project Manager and Children’s Workshop Coordinator for T4H (Therapy 4 Healing), a community organisation providing holistic and creative projects for young people and adults with long term health conditions.
In 2006, facilitated a workshop for BBC London Radio’s Family History Day at the British Library.
High energy and interactive workshops using discussion to create stimulation and suitable for school children of all key stages, adults, families and inset day training. Ability to fuse personal experiences with a colourful, rhythmical style to encourage pupils of various ages to craft poetic imagery from the depths of their own creative pools.

Outline of role as a Youth ICT Team Leader:

1997 – 2011 ​​
Youth IT Space, Downham Library
ICT Project Team Leader
• Community ICT Project Team Leader and Curriculum ICT Consultant
• ICT Consultant to Extended Services
• Dynamic Trainer and Workshop Facilitator
• Developing, devising and delivering programme for busy, successful ICT project
• Providing ICT solutions and consultancy to community projects
• Computer Literate – Knowledge of Mac/Windows environment, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Macromedia Director 6, Quark Xpress, Freehand, Illustrator, PageMaker, Microsoft Office and Appleworks
• Delivering dynamic workshops using iMovie, Garageband, I Can Animate, Comic Life and PhotoShop
• Extensive work with young excludees from local schools and pupils from PRUs
• Successful inclusion of clients with special educational needs (SENs), Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD), Aspergers, ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), ADHD, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia.
• Supervision of staff, as well as pupils, young adults and young offenders on work placements
• Focus on pastoral care for young people and engagement with parents
Examples and Breakdown of Education Workshops:
Poetry and Literature – including the themes of identity, supporting the national curriculum/PHSE and Black History Month
Comic Making – creating narratives within the comic book format, using literature and multi media
Film Making – using discussion, cameras and film editing equipment to create short films
Photoshop – creating narratives and fantasy pictures using photos and multi media
Song writing and Music Production – using poetry and multi media to create song lyrics and music
Animation – creating narratives, using stop motion software ‘I Can Animate’ and 2-D software ‘Stykz’, to deliver four week and one-day workshops

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